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I started a tumblog a while ago and have been regularly updating it. I'm not sure why, because as far as I know only 3 people regularly read it. I'll probably delete it in a few weeks and then end up kicking myself when Tumblr blows up like Twitter (which is why I no longer have a Twitter).
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few things

1) I got that summer internship at the Home Shopping Network. Still deciding whether I should go through with it or not. It's not paid, but the experience/connections would be awesome.

I still just want to be a hand model.

2) My roommates booked a beach house in Daytona for Spring Break (which officially starts for me at 5:00pm tomorrow). If anyone wants to come, bring money or beer and we'll roll out an air mattress.

3) Financial aid just deposited an extra $1000 into my bank account for some reason, and I really really hope that it wasn't a mistake.
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idea copied/stolen from leon because i'm bored and unoriginal

I'm gonna list things I like and don't like in no particular order because I enjoy transforming original ideas into stupid Internet memes.

I like the following:
1. Fridays, because of my two jobs with alternating bi-weekly pay cycles, and Wednesdays, because it's my only day off (but I usually spend it doing homework or running errands).
2. Seeing nerdy asians/indians smoking cigarettes. It's so funny because it seems like they're trying to break their nerd look by being rebellious, but you can still totally tell they're nerdy and will forever be nerdy.
3. United States of Tara, try to watch it sometime if you don't already.
4. The $50 gift card to Regal Theaters I got for Christmas.
5. Being financially independent/stable for once.
6. Super Mash Bros: Girl Talk's hot cousin. Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2_vKfErXVo
7. The hot (and cheap) sandwiches from Domino's.
8. Urinal Chocolate! I took that in Norman Hall yesterday. There were more chocolates (individually wrapped) sitting in the bowl of the urinal too. They were delicious. (jk)
9. The jacket I bought 2 weeks ago that was marked down from $58 to $22.
10. Jetson, when he doesn't look guilty: http://i39.tinypic.com/wrbrc.jpg

I do NOT like the following:
1. Whatever sickness I have now. It's mutated from cough, to cough with a bad headache and fever, to no cough and a really runny/stuffy nose. w t f u c k
2. The fact that I work early mornings on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, erasing any opportunities for late night partying the night before.
3. Pop quizzes. I understand their purpose is to make sure your students are keeping up with the reading, but seriously, what is the point in buying $70+ for a book and reading it on my own when the material is just going to be presented in class the next day? A quote from True Blood is appropriate: "College is for white people who need other white people to read books to them."
4. (Keeping up with the topic of white people) When white people claim they're some part (usually one-sixteenth) Native American. Of course, if you're at a party and someone says it, it's not like they're going to conveniently pull out the lineage documents to prove it, so you just have to nod your head and either believe them or pretend to believe them.
5. When my roommate (whose room is directly above mine) decides to clean his room in the middle of the night, sweeping and bustling around, while I'm trying to sleep.
6. Not knowing where I'll be living next year. I have a general idea who I'll be living with, we just need to find an affordable 3-bedroom house that's relatively close to campus.
7. These things. I keep getting paranoid that when I'm asleep they'll crawl out of my mattress or something and swarm all over me.
8. Having three papers due in one week for ONE class (film ANALysis).
9. Inconsiderate drivers when I'm biking. There have been so many times I've almost gotten either hit or collided with a car because they're being driven by assholes who don't know how to share the road.
10. Sugar-free coffee creamer. My roommate accidentally bought some last week and when I used it in my coffee, I wanted to throw up. I thought something was wrong with our coffee maker until I realized, oh, it was the lack of sugar in this creamer that made it vile. The coffee maker lived to see another day.

Now YOU DO IT!!!!
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I just found this dead creature and I'm thoroughly creeped out:

It was seriously sitting right next to my computer, dead, on my desk. W T F U C K
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david sedaris


I've been writing a lot, but not in here.

My grades are pretty good. I'm a little amazed at myself. (Apparently I'm excellent at analyzing Nielsen ratings for horrible shows on the CW.) The only class I'm having trouble with is Intro to Astrology. I mean, Astronomy. Astronomology? Whatever. The tests are hard.

Thanksgiving was a little lame, and it will continue being lame as long as my mom keeps putting pineapple in the sweet potatoes. Really, mom?

Things I'm currently obsessed with:

energy drinks
Summer Heights High
True Blood
basically anything on HBO
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